Welcome to Bass Agenda - underground electronic music radio show and record label, primarily focussed on true Electro (and sometimes Techno). Past guests have included Anthony Rother, Detroit In Effect, Dave Clarke, The Egyptian Lover, Exzakt, Seldom Seen, ADJ, Juan Atkins and many many more.

You can check out the full archive of shows on this site, Soundcloud and also via iTunes.

What is Electro?

Authentic Electro is a long established form of electronic music which over the years has become a broad and diverse spectrum of styles and sounds.

In the majority of cases the current generation of electro artists trace their musical roots back to the likes of Kraftwerk, Drexciya, Afrika Bambaataa, The Egyptian Lover and Dynamix II. Many are influenced by other musical types too - jazz, hip hop, techno, film scores and more. For Bass Agenda and its listeners, it is the most exciting genre of music there is - and vastly under appreciated in most countries.

Through the radio show and label Bass Agenda Recordings Bass Agenda seeks to raise the profile of Electro artists and connect people with the past, present and future of the genre.